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Christoph Bruch

Helmholtz Association
Dr. Christoph Bruch is senior advisor for Strategy at Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office. He is a regular speaker on policy issues relating to open science. His focus is on legal aspects concerning research publications and research data. He is chair of the Working Group on Legal Aspect of the German Priority Initiative "Digital Information", co-chair of the RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability Interest Group, and member of the working group of legal experts of the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations.
He studied political sciences at Johan Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and Free University Berlin. Before joining Helmholtz Association he held professional positions at the Free University Berlin, the German Institute for Urban Studies, and Max Planck Society. In an honorary capacity he is advocating access to knowledge via his engagement with Coalition for Action "Copyright for Education in Research", European Network for Copyright in support of Education and Science, Creative Commons.