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Douglas McCarthy

Europeana Foundation
Collections Engagement Manager
Delft, Netherlands

Douglas McCarthy AKA @CultureDoug holds an MA in Art History and has worked internationally in museums and archives for almost two decades. He is an active member of the global Open GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) community that promotes culturally appropriate open access to heritage for everyone, everywhere.

As Collections Engagement Manager at Europeana, Douglas strives to fulfil its mission to ‘transform the world with culture’ by creating compelling editorial using digital collections to be freely shared, reused and remixed. He also writes regularly on open access for Europeana Pro and has interviewed leading professionals from institutions like the Musée de Bretagne, Pinakotheken, Wellcome Collection, Slovak National Gallery and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Since 2018, Douglas had led an international survey of open access policy and practice in the GLAM sector with Dr Andrea Wallace of the University of Exeter. Douglas has written extensively about Open GLAM on Medium and shared insights at international conferences including GLAM-WIKI (Tel Aviv, 2018), Open GLAM México (Mexico City, 2018), re;publica (Berlin, 2019), and NDF2019 (Wellington, 2019). He is the founder and co-editor of the Medium publication Open GLAM, which presents global and multilingual perspectives on open access to cultural heritage.

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