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Florence Piron

Université Laval, Department of Information and Communication
Florence Piron, an anthropologist and ethicist, is a full professor at Université Laval, Department of Information and Communication, where she teaches critical thinking through courses on ethics, democracy and citizenship. Founding president of the Association science et bien commun (Association science and the common good) and of Accès savoirs, the Science Shop of Université Laval, she works on the relations between science, society and culture, both as a researcher and as an activist for open access and for science as commons. She wants to build a science that is more open, more inclusive and more socially and environmentally responsible. She intervenes orally and in writing in a variety of environments, in and out of academia. Since January 2015, she has been the co-principal investigator of the project "Open science as a tool of empowerment and cognitive justice in Haiti and French-speaking Africa," one of the projects funded by the OCSDnet and IDRC.