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Dr. Maren Deepwell

Association for Learning Technology (ALT)
CEO, Anthropologist & Open Practitioner
Dr. Maren Deepwell is the chief executive of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and works as a Learning Technologist and Anthropologist. She is an Open Practitioner with a special interest in leadership, equality and open education. Working closely with ALT’s Board of Trustees, Maren leads on professional recognition for Learning Technology professionals, including the internationally recognised CMALT framework and works closely with industry incl. edtech startups, with whom she co-authored a community guide. Maren has served as ALT’s CEO since 2012, securing its status as an independent membership body and representing its doubling  membership on a international stage. 

Maren’s studies in art and anthropology, including a PhD in Anthropology from UCL, have given her an appreciation for the importance of criticality, history and theory and how they inform our understanding of education and technology. She is a fan of new technology, a geek at heart, but not one to embrace innovation unquestioningly.
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