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Paul Klimpel

BERLIN, Germany
Dr. Paul Klimpel, born 1970 in Minden, Germany, got involved with cultural organizations in the 1990s. He joined the Museum of Film and Television (Deutsche Kinemathek) in 2002. Between 2006 and 2011 he worked as its administrative director. He was also chief executive of the German Network of Multimedia Resource Centres. Since 2012 he works as a lawyer and is partner at iRights.Law.
2013 he moderated an expert group and published the “Berlin appeal on preservation of digital cultural heritage” and 2016 he initiated the “Hamburg Notice on the Digitization of Cultural Heritage. He also runs the annual international conference “Shaping Access – More Responsibility for Cultural Heritage” since 2011. In November 2018 he was elected as chapter lead of Creative Commons Germany.
Paul studied law in Bonn and Munich as well as philosophy, psychology and social sciences at the Jesuit University of Philosophy in Munich. His doctor thesis about legal paternalism was published in 2003.